The library will open for express browsing and other services on Monday, 8/2 at 10am.

The final major component of our air conditioning system (the condenser) is here, but it took a bit longer to arrive than projected, and the installation is still finishing up.

It should be just a couple more days, and in the meantime, we will be opening in the mornings for as long as the temperature allows, starting at 10am, as of Monday, 8/2. When the indoor temperature reaches 80 degrees, we will have to close, but once the air conditioner is finalized, that will not be an issue!

For now, after 12pm, please call to check whether we are still open before your visit, at 610-623-0239.

We thank you for your understanding and patience with this process, and we're excited to welcome you back!


When we first reopen our doors, the library will be a little different from what you remember,

and we appreciate your patience as we navigate this challenging period.

We will be taking measures to reopen in a responsible way that minimizes risks to our community.


For the time being, we will be asking patrons to continue wearing a mask and to treat their visit as an express experience, minimizing the amount of time they spend in the building in order to offer a safer library visit for our entire community.


Once the air conditioner is functional, we will switch to a temporary schedule as follows.

For building access:

Monday           11am - 5pm

Tuesday           11am - 5pm

Wednesday     11am - 7pm

Thursday         11am - 5pm

Friday              11am - 5pm

We will continue to offer curbside pickup all hours that we are open,

but certain hours of our week will be set aside for curbside ONLY:

Monday           10 -11am  &  5-6pm

Tuesday           10 -11am  &  5-6pm

Wednesday     10 -11am  &  7-8pm

Thursday         10 -11am  &  5-6pm

Friday              10 -11am  &  5-6pm

Saturday                   10:30am-2pm

In the initial phases we will be observing physical distancing,

so in some cases will not be able to provide the kind of up-close,

one-on-one assistance you may have been used to in the past,

but our staff is prepared to help out as much as possible

and are known for finding creative solutions to problems. 


We will have 6 public desktop computers, 3 laptops, and around half our usual seating.

For now, our community room will remain closed.

We also offer print-by-email, which might save you some time and the need to reserve a computer,

just email us a document from home or from your phone (


As conditions improve, we hope to be able to expand our services and hours.

Our staff is excited to welcome you back inside. See you soon!


One of our old air conditioner units

was removed.


Here's part of the new one,

ready to install!


We've moved a few things around.

Check out our new reference area!

We've spaced out the computers

to maintain social distancing.