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Listen up Lansdowne!

Everyone’s passionate about something, so let's talk about your interests!

Our new monthly podcast, Geek Out, is all about getting to know

different hobbies, activities, and fandoms.

Take a listen!

If you'd like to share your interests with us and be on our podcast,

Author Podcasts

A local author has published his first book!  Listen to how and why he wrote his novel in this interview with our director.









Gregory Walden - Lansdowne Library
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Anime Podcasts

The first of the Lansdowne Library Teen Anime podcasts, where our experts Josh, Armani, Dave, Gio and Earl share their opinions, reviews and debates on the best and most interesting in the world of anime.

Didn't get enough the first time around? Excellent! Kick back and enjoy to the second installment from our teen Anime-niacs...

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