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Friday, June 15th at 7pm

This year is Lansdowne Borough's 125th anniversary.
It is also the 125th anniversary to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's classic "The Final Problem", the infamous finale to the beloved detective, Sherlock Holmes.

We are bringing these two anniversaries together in this Holmesian Murder Mystery!

In this event, travel back in time to 1893 where the joyous event of Lansdowne's incorporation is overshadowed by devious mystery.

Join Irene Adler in her search for clues, analyse evidence, and solve puzzles in this interactive murder mystery event!

Many of the clues require reading so bring

your reading glasses if you have them!

Scratch paper and pencils may also be a good idea.

Refreshments provided.

Due to the graphic content, you must be 18+ to play.

Register below.

The situations and actions portrayed in this event are fictional after the style of Sherlock Holmes yet they are framed by actual Lansdowne history and characters.

Join us after the event for a brief look into the true origin of Lansdowne Borough.

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