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Dropping Books, Resources, and Knowledge, Wherever You Are.

     BookDrop is a monthly series of themed discussions that centers around books and resources that are available around that topic.  These topics, revolving around black lives in America, are being presented by Dr. Jason B. Esters.

     As a child, Jason fell in love with all of the books on his parents’ bookshelves.  And his parents let him read any books he wanted, even the dangerous ones.  Jason grew up in Jackson, Mississippi and attended Jackson State University, graduating with a degree in English and Teacher Education.  He received his Ph.D in English from Temple University.  He has been a community advocate for social justice and education reform in Philadelphia for well over a decade and is now an Assistant Professor of English at the Community College of Philadelphia.  Before CCP, he was the Writing Across the Curriculum/Writing in the Disciplines Coordinator at Lincoln University, where he helped faculty develop the appropriate tools for collecting data on student writing.

     As the former Program Director of the Cross Bridge Scholars Program, Jason helped high school students break down institutional stereotypes and build extended community through writing.  Jason is always reading (and writing), and is currently writing a book on substitute teaching as he continues to work with Philadelphia students in the School District of Philadelphia as a substitute teacher.  Jason is currently the co-host of The Race and Faith Cyphers Podcast and The Black Men Homeschool Podcast.  He lives in Lansdowne with his beautiful wife, Dionne, and their four brilliant and rambunctious children.

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