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Our Mission Statement

Lansdowne Public Library enlightens and enriches individuals by providing equal access to quality information and superior services to meet the changing informational, educational, and cultural needs of the Lansdowne community. The library is committed to strengthening the diverse
community of Lansdowne by advancing knowledge, promoting literacy, and fostering lifelong learning to improve the quality of life.

Our Values

In pursuit of this mission, we rely on our staff, our collections, our physical and virtual spaces and on the following set of core
The library will provide fair and equal access, empowerment for users, opportunities for lifelong
learning, a sense of community, and most of

A Day in the Life...

Our History

On November 28, 1898 a group of Lansdowne residents gathered to organize a Library Association. Seven months later, on June 3, 1899, the Lansdowne Public Library officially opened its doors. The library was housed in a room in the Highland Avenue School located on the corner of Baltimore and Highland Avenues. The library boasted a collection of 1,345 books. In just six short years, the library's collection had almost tripled and it was moved to a larger building on the grounds of the Highland Avenue School.

In 1929, the Borough of Lansdowne enacted Ordinance #516. This ordinance stated that the Board of School Directors "assigned and transferred absolutely to the Council for the Borough all the books and library appliances maintained as a Public Library."

In 1934 the library moved to 47 S. Lansdowne Avenue, a building that was originally Tyndall's Ice Cream Parlor. The library has been in its current location at 55 S. Lansdowne Avenue since November of 1982. In 2001, the library's interior was updated and renovated.

Today the library continues to grow in collection, service and popularity. Our collection of nearly 65,000 items includes books, audio books, DVDs, magazines, mp3s and CD-ROMS. Nearly 5,000 Lansdowne residents have registered for library cards and circulation is over 100,000 items.

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